(Italiano) Contrada Mandranova

Palma di Montechiaro occupies a strategic position on the Southern Coast of Sicily which makes for easy exploration of the coastal region as well as giving the opportunity to explore the varied interior of the island.

About 20 kilometres to the west of Agrigento and the Valley of the Temples lays the magical beach of Scala dei Turchi, Turkish Steps, the nature reserves of Torre Salsa and of the river mouth of Platani up to the archeological site at the Cape of Eraclea Minoa.

Inland the medieval towns of Burgio (1h 30min) and Caltabellotta (1h 20min) invite you to explore as well as the small towns of Sciacca (1h), Menfi (1h 30min) and Santa Margherita Belice (1h 30min), rich in art, famed for their wine and excellent food.

Past Palma di Montechiaro heading into the interior, the nature reserve of Macalube (45min); Favara (30min) famous for its centre of modern arts, ancient castle and Easter cakes, Racalmuto’s (45min) medieval castle and Naro (25min) for its Baroque grandeur should not be missed. Lovers of cheese will delight in a visit to the village of Sant’Angelo Muxaro (1h), the centre of Ricotta cheese products.

In the opposite direction of Palma di Montechiaro, towards Catania, lies the Villa del Casale, the magnificent Roman villa with incredibly well preserved mosaics showcasing Roman life as well as the world-famous pottery town of Caltagirone with its 142-step monumental staircase made of individual hand-decorated tiles.

Along the coast towards Siracusa the Baroque gems of Modica and Ragusa can be found. Not only do these beautiful towns stun with their confectioners architecture, they are also famous for their chocolate and cheeses.

The territory invites exploration and is rich in culture, architecture and production of cheeses, wine and all things sweet.