10 Mar 2015

Alexander Wagner @ Mandranova in Residence,
2014 – curated by Maria Chiara Valacchi

Alexander Wagner (1978, Berlin) leaves free interpretation of a purely mental nature. His abstract but yet extremely communicative work is alternately sober and ambitious, abstract and imperfect: a contradiction expressed on a surface. Control of predestined schemes is not part of his nature of human being, this lets imperfection to leak out and form a complete and complex whole. In his work, the matter of the role of painting – today – becomes evident. He refers back and renew Blinky Palermo and Agnes Martin experiences and takes inspiration from rationalistic architectural and typographic features to clarify his conceptual approach and to cross beyond the painting. His favourite supports are paper and walls, where he expresses the principles of “Bildfindung” and transposes traditional technique using printed surfaces and spray paint. A stratification of vibrating layers codes a complex analytical listing and opens understanding to an abstract narration.

Wagner relates with Sicilian environment harshness through his peculiar process of reduction to elementary shapes.

Agrigento’s intense and abstract light bumps into his compositions; the result is a discovery of abstraction in landscape and the disruption of geometry through the spontaneity of shapes from nature.

The works displayed by Wagner for Mandranaova in Residence are eight experiments created with spray and acrylic paint and pencil on wood. A wide triptych plays on transparency and on the alternation of black and the wood surface; psychedelic textures made up of shadings and big dark joints. On a narrow shelf the colour emerges and five little pictorial variations, again on wood, play on combinations of shapes and tones of colour, carrying on the process of synthesis between definiteness and unpredictability pursued by the artist.

Alexander Wagner
Berlin 1978. Lives and works in Berlin

Selected Solo Exhibitions: 2014 “undundund”, Little Krimminals, Berlin, Germany; 2013 Alexander Wagner, Galeri Mana, Istanbul; 2012 Alexander Wagner, RaebervonStenglin, Zürich; 2010 Alexander Wagner, RaebervonStenglin, Zürich; 2009 INSERT, zum Zeichnerischen, Jet, Berlin; 2008 mustern, SOX, Berlin; 2007 Alex Wagner, NBKstudio (Neuer Berliner Kunstverein), Berlin

posted by: Chiara Valacchi